Who We Help

Who We Help

We provide out of hours services at no extra charge to all of our clients

Are you a sole trader, own a limited company or in a business partnership? We offer tailor made services at affordable prices

Running your own business requires you to have a lot of different balls in the air. We can remove the stress that comes with doing your own accounting, bookkeeping and payroll. PBAS can also help free up your time and save you money.

We can also talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each business format – a sole trader, limited company or business partnership. And we can help you decide what is the best business setup for your personal circumstances.

Experience in a range of sectors

PBSA has worked with small start-ups and large companies, covering a full range of sectors.


If you’re in the property or construction sectors, we can offer you advice and what steps to take. There are specific taxes and exemptions within this industry that are important to be aware of.


We have worked with a number of health professionals and businesses, including locum practitioners, pharmacies and care homes, so we can ensure your books and tax are all in order.


We can keep you up-to-date with the latest tax and accounting regulations for the education sector, including any schools, day care centers and nurseries


With retail businesses, bookkeeping is particularly hard to keep up with. We can make sure every single item you sell is accounted for. We can also produce a range of reports, so you can keep on top of your cash flow and profits.


We can support all types of charities with reporting donations and any other accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs.


Over the years, we’ve helped a number of leisure businesses, including beauty companies. We can make sure all of your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs are taken care of and that you are taking advantage of any tax breaks you’re eligible for.

Other professionals and businesses

We’ve also helped a number of other professionals and businesses, including cleaning companies, dog groomers and legal cashiers.

With experience working with a number of customers across a range of sectors, PBAS can help an array of different individuals and businesses

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