Property Businesses

Property Businesses

Accounting and tax support for property businesses

PBSA offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax and business services for businesses in the property and construction sectors. With a growing property portfolio, it can be challenging to keep up with your finances and accounts – and even payroll if you have quite a few staff members and contractors.

We have in-depth knowledge of accounting in the property development, investment and management sectors. We have experience dealing with every type of tax in the property sector, so you can make sure you’re compliant, while being as tax efficient as possible.

Helping property investors and developers

We want to help property investors and developers with their payroll, bookkeeping and accounting. We can make this easy, so you can get back to growing your property portfolio.

Managing property finances

If you have a large number of property investments or developments, it can be challenging to keep up with managing your business finances. And finance is an especially key part of any business in this sector at a substantial amount of capital is often needed to start and grow a property business. With the help of PBAS and cloud accounting and bookkeeping, you can know exactly where you stand at any given moment.

Taking care of payroll

Whether you need help paying contractors, employees or other members of staff, we can take care of your payroll, so you no longer have to worry about everyone getting paid on time. We can also ensure you are compliant with HMRC and RTI submissions, which need to be done every time your employees are paid.

Providing tax support

There are a number of taxes in the property sector that make it complicated to understand and keep up with, and changes in recent years have made it even more confusing. From stamp duty and capital gains to inheritance tax and implications for income tax, corporation tax and VAT, there are specific taxes and exemptions within this industry that are important to be aware of.

We stay up-to-date on the latest regulation in the property sector, so you can remain compliant without the stress or worry. We also want to make sure you are tax efficient as possible and aren’t missing out on any tax reliefs, deductions or allowances you are eligible for.

At PBAS, we offer good value, professional services and excellent communication, so you can get the most out of our expertise.

For more information about how we can help property businesses, get in touch with our friendly team.