Schools, Day Centres & Nurseries

Schools, Day Centres & Nurseries

Accounting services for schools, day centres and nurseries

At PBAS, we have experience working with a number of schools, day centres and nurseries across the UK. Within the education sector, there are specific guidelines to follow when it comes to accounting, bookkeeping and tax, and we comply with the Education and Skills Funding Agency conditions.

PBAS provides bookkeeping, payroll, tax and accounts services for primary schools, secondary schools, day centres and nurseries.

Organising financial transactions and record keeping

It’s important to be aware of your cash flow and stay on top of accounts and bookkeeping. This can help you stay on budget, pay bills on time and keep accurate financial records.

As a partner of Quickbooks, PBAS can help improve your record keeping and organise financial transactions, making your school, day centre or nursery more accurate and efficient. You can then more accurately budget and forecast specific projects.

Business tax

We can ensure you meet all of your tax obligations, while being tax efficient as well. With organised accounts, this makes it simple to know how much you will likely owe and what exemptions and reliefs you are eligible for.

Payroll services

PBAS offers tailor-made payroll services to ensure your employees and contractors get paid on time, while also enrolling relevant staff members in pension schemes and submitting Real Time Information submissions each time your employees are paid.

We can also ensure you are up to speed with the latest guidelines on furlough and pension contributions, so you remain compliant on all accounts.

For more information about how we can help schools, day centres and nurseries, get in touch today.